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Having worked with many first homeowners, we can affirm that everyone has different requirements, wants, and priorities. That’s why here at Aspire Building Brokers, we address all aspects, especially the location, to make sure that your new home will live up to your expectations by:

  • Ascertaining the purpose or drive behind the home purchase, such as the intention to occupy the house
  • Ensuring the location is in an overall safe locality for the whole family with access to police and fire stations and other security personnel
  • Considering the budgetary constraints of the buyer
  • Choosing locations in proximity to facilities to ensure a good level of connectivity to schools, hospitals, employment opportunities and shopping centres
  • Focusing on road connectivity and transportation

Aspire offers the opportunity for you to secure an affordable, time-efficient option to build and own a new home.

Build Your New Home in

Perth's best locations

With our vast range of house and land packages, you have many choices in established communities and new developments across beautiful Perth, from North to South of the River, to East Perth.

North of the River

North of the River

Who doesn’t want the best of both worlds? That’s what you get living north of the river. You’re close to the coast whilst enjoying a direct connection to the vibrant city of Perth, which is about 10 to 15 minutes away. The northern suburbs are known for the lively atmosphere, intriguing attractions, and a large density of people – a perfect excuse to socialise and meet new people.

Love the nightlife? You have plenty of night-time hotspots here, including North Perth, Northbridge, and Mt Lawley. Meanwhile, City Beach, Trigg, and Scarborough are just a few options for your beach and under-the-sun activities. North of the river presents an inner-city style, so you find more dwelling choices. Young professionals, active adults, families, and downsizers will love our locations here.

South of the River

South of the River

If you’re looking for a family-orientated place to live with great schooling options, the south of the river may suit your lifestyle. It’s mostly quiet, but don’t be fooled. There are plenty of popular events and activities for you to join in, especially in vibrant precincts like Victoria Park and Fremantle.

Speaking of Fremantle, it’s a trendy destination, even gaining the reputation of being the metropolis of the south – and rightfully so. The riverfront is just on the doorstep, with easy access to beaches like South Fremantle Coogee and Leighton.

Lively but not boisterous, thriving but still delivers a laidback lifestyle – expect these and more if you live in the south.

East of Perth

East of Perth

East Perth is WA’s most lifestyle-friendly suburb, boasting a first-rate position on the Swan River. Locals enjoy waterfront dining and grand green spaces. Best of all, Perth City is in close proximity. A quick commute of about 8-12 minutes will take you directly to the CBD. Education facilities, parklands, and transit are all within easy reach. That’s why East of Perth unquestionably fits all lifestyles.

This riverside suburb boasts many fantastic location options for potential homeowners, including Highgate, Ashfield, and Rossmoyne. All are a few minutes drive from the city centre. Residents in these areas have convenient access to parklands, schools, playgrounds, walking and running tracks, and public open spaces.

The Aspire Process

For building your first home



First home loan options

Finance is a crucial element when building your first home. Our experienced team will guide you through home loan options, including keystart and government grants. These choices can be intimidating, and that’s why we guarantee we will assist you from start to finish. We’ll help you secure a home loan you can easily manage.



Find the perfect land

We have a longstanding network with reputable builders and land investors that enable us to offer you unbeatable house and land packages in locations that genuinely suit your budget and lifestyle. Whether you build North of the River, South of the River or East of Perth, we have choices tailored to first home buyers.



Choose your design

Do you need 3 or 4 bedrooms? Perhaps you prefer a farmhouse design or looking to build on a narrow block. Browse through our selection of modern contemporary home designs, each with intuitive layouts and spacious living areas. Expect your new home build to have a unique touch that will surely match your needs and style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perth house & land packages

A house and land package involves securing a block of land and constructing a home. It’s a bundle deal, so you only have to go through one process. However, you, the buyer, have to sign two separate contracts.

It’s so much simpler because you can buy a home and land package and take possession of the new property immediately once the building process is finished. You are ready to move in after fully paying the due amount, which allows you to take legal possession of the completed house.

If you purchase a house and land package, you will get two things:

  1. The block that comes from the developer
  2. A beautifully designed home from Aspire Building Brokers and your chosen builder

Our house and land packages are a match made in heaven. You get a block of land in a suburb that you will certainly love to call home and a build you will be proud of.

Here’s the good news: you can get the grant should you purchase a house and land package from us. Of course, the same requirements apply, including that you are eligible for the FHOG.

Please note that you are required to occupy the newly built home, which should be your primary place of residence for at least six months within a year of completing your grant transaction.

If the house and land package you have chosen to purchase does not cost $300,000 or above, you may not be required to pay stamp duty. It all boils down to the price of land (Note: not the home). Therefore, if the land costs $300,000 or more, you will have to pay stamp duty.

The amount you need to pay varies depending on the exact cost of land. Please get in touch with us to get a full breakdown of costs, including stamp duty and other fees that may be involved.

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