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Aerial view of Perth city and suburbs.

Perth’s Best Suburbs To Build For First Home Buyers

There’s never been a better time to own your first home sweet home than now. But with a great number of options, how do you choose the right location? After ample market research, we’ve finally rounded up the best suburbs in Perth.

The following are your top choices if you are searching for the most suitable place for a new home build, whether for singles, couples, or young families:

Best North of the River Suburbs

The beautiful Swan River neatly divides Perth, giving us two distinct areas. The first one is the North of the River, where you can find these excellent choices for a new home build:

  • Eglinton: Eglinton may not be as popular as its neighbour, Alkimos, but it’s certainly gaining traction, particularly for those who want that coastal feel right at their doorstep. Eglinton has plenty of natural open spaces with parks and playgrounds all around. You’ll never run out of superb dining options here. A huge bonus is that you can enjoy your food right on the beach.
  • Jindalee: Many Perth builders suggest constructing people’s first homes in Jindalee for very good reasons, especially if you prefer the beachside lifestyle. This suburb is about 40km North of Perth CBD. It offers tranquil coastal living as it sits between the stunning Marmion Avenue and a few beaches. Living in Jindalee also gives you access to the southern suburbs, thanks to its proximity to the freeway and the dedicated train line.
  • Landsdale: Only 25km from Perth City, Landsdale is for young families wanting to build their first home. Looking around, you will immediately find commercial establishments, schools, parks, reserves, and other essential amenities. Landsdale is close to the CBD and Joondalup. It’s a self-sufficient suburb, perfect for hardworking, independent individuals.

Best South of the River Suburbs

Now, let’s talk about the other half of Perth, the South of the River. The North may be popular for lively living options, but the South is where Victoria Park and Fremantle are. This side of the city is not only great for active lifestyles but also families and young people.

  • Hilbert: Live near Perth Hills in a tranquil setting. Here in Hilbert, you’re just 30 minutes away from the CBD. It’s also a few kilometres from the Armadale train station, so transportation is never a problem. You can also find shops, childcare, medical facilities, and schools scattered all over the countryside suburb.
  • Lakelands: Here’s the northernmost suburb of Mandurah. Lakelands is a little far from Perth CBD compared to the other suburbs in this list. However, it’s perfect for first-home buyers looking for solace from the hustle and bustle of the city. That doesn’t mean you have no entertainment in Lakelands. The town centre itself offers a mix of community services, retailers, and fun things to do. Schools and childcare are both accessible, as well as the freeway.
  • Treeby: Although new, Treeby is a growing suburb with home and land packages for first-home buyers. Everything is a stone’s throw away, from dining to sport and recreation to shopping. It’s a wonderful place to live in for young families, thanks to the convenient access to transportation, schools, and medical services.

Best East of Perth Suburbs

There’s always been contention over which Perth’s division is better. But let’s not forget about the East of Perth, which also has plenty to offer for those looking for a new home built in the city.

  • Aveley: This suburb offers a friendly neighbourhood complete with parks, playgrounds, and shopping centres. There are also breweries, cafes, and restaurants. Just 35 minutes northeast of the CBD, the suburb is most known for its carefully planned home and land packages. The residential developments are backed by a sustainable plan to work well with the natural environment in the area.
  • Brabham: This suburb is one of the fastest growing in Perth. So many schools and retailers are ready for the future, alongside a rapid bus network waiting to be built. That’s why it’s not surprising that Brabham is one of Perth’s most popular first home buyer locations.
  • Dayton: Sitting on Whiteman Park’s border, Dayton lets you enjoy nature’s gifts right on your doorstep. There are heaps of kids’ activities, walking trails for the young and old, and native animals to interact with if you wish. West Swan Road is easily accessible via Dayton, as it is only a minute away. That means you can walk to the Swan Valley whenever you want or access the CBD, which is only 20 minutes away.

Things to Consider

One trick in finding affordable homes in Perth (or anywhere) is to look at the suburbs that are predominantly older rather than the newer ones. They have cheaper properties for sale and will continue that way, probably forever.

Apart from property prices, there are many other factors to consider. If you take a look at our list of the best suburbs in Perth above, you can see the options waiting for you. It all boils down to your personal preference, so we advise you to work out your priorities first. Decide on the following:

  • Your proximity to family and friends
  • Zoning access to schools and childcare services
  • Convenience and availability of facilities

Don’t forget about the location. Do you want to live in the inner city or outer suburbs? Would you consider a more rural area? What about public transport? Most people working in the CBD require easy access to public transportation so that they can avoid traffic and exuberant parking fees.

Finally, think about your lifestyle. Determine the amenities that suit your wants and needs the most. Some people prefer living near the beach whilst others opt for a quieter suburb with more greenery surrounding them. If you are an active person or have small children, you may want to look into home and land packages near open spaces, such as parks and playgrounds.

How Aspire Can Help Find the Best Location for You

Experts say you should look for a home with your head, not your heart. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for many first-home buyers. For most people, the first home is to simply get their foot on the property ladder, so they usually end with poor decisions and expensive mistakes in the end.

Luckily, Aspire Building Brokers can give you the guidance you need during such a crucial time in your life. Despite the noise, there are still many affordable suburbs in Perth. We can help you with building contracts, construction codes, and other specifications whilst connecting you with first-rate Perth builders. Not only that, but we can also find you the best home loan rates if necessary. We’ll help you acquire promotional offers, so you get as much discount as possible when building your home.

With Aspire Building Brokers, your new home built is exactly the way you want it in the best Perth suburb that’s right for you and your family.