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Many people dream about designing and building their perfect home for raising a family or for retirement.

Custom Design Your New Home

As a first-home buyer, you want nothing less than a perfect home. And what’s “more perfect” than a custom-designed home? Rather than going with the existing layout, you can choose from custom home designs that match your exact needs.

This is an opportunity for you to create your dream home specific to your lifestyle and preferences. Every feature, from benchtops to doorknobs to heating and room arrangements, is all up to you.

Let’s walk you through how you can custom-design your new home.

What’s Involved?

Several steps are involved in the process of custom-designing your first home. You need to figure out your budget, building timeframe, and location, among many other considerations.

Here is a rough guide of what takes place in designing a custom new home:

  1. How much is your budget? It should cover the cost of the land, design fees (if any), local fees and taxes, construction and landscaping costs, and interior decoration and furnishing. Make sure you have a contingency budget in case of an emergency.
  2. When do you want the home to be finished? You surely wish it would be done quickly, but it helps to have a general date. Some people are flexible with the timeframe, which can provide a few benefits, including saving money. However, if a baby is on the way or you’re aiming to have the home ready before the end of your lease, you may have to specify your target date.
  3. You also need to determine the size of the house. What are the restrictions that can affect the size? How many storeys and rooms will there be? It’s great to dream big but always be prepared to scale back.
  4. Are there specific lifestyle aspects that you want to be built into your new home? Think about your recreational activities or perhaps your profession. If you’re an artist, you may wish to have your own studio space. Same with a musician but with additional soundproofing. Meanwhile, if you’re an avid biker, surfer, or skier, you may want room for your equipment. You can incorporate almost anything. It’s a custom home, after all.
  5. What type of layout is best for you and your routine? Browse floor plans of custom home designs and determine which matches your needs, from privacy to traffic flow.
  6. What about structural features? Plan what you want for each room before determining their styles and designs.
  7. Consider other features to include, such as heated floors, media rooms, pools, and fireplaces. Perhaps you also want a green design for your first home.

Find a building broker who will discuss everything from top to bottom, including your needs. A broker is key to locating the right custom design builders to bring your new home to life.

A custom home project is one where you work directly with a homebuilder .

What are the Benefits of Custom Home Designs?

The concept of custom home designs is fun and stimulating, but you may be wondering if it is right for you. A custom house delivers a different feeling from an already-established home. It’s one where you can integrate your lifestyle and character. Here are more reasons why it’s an impactful choice:

  • Full Customisation: Whether you work from home, desire an oversized pantry, or have extra rooms, every decision is in your hands. You control every aspect down to the lighting, window orientation, fixture placements, and even the materials used.
  • Flexible Budget: You get to identify the total budget for the entire project, unlike prefabricated homes.
    Construction Quality: You are personally involved in the building process, so you know what takes place from planning to the finished product.
  • Cost-Efficient: Custom design homes represent the actual value of your expenses. The money you spend corresponds to a certain item, and therefore, you spend your money wisely.

Careful planning and your direct involvement with the project reduce the chances of using poor-quality materials and substandard construction. This is important because you don’t have to worry about additional expenses for improvements and repairs, thus giving you the maximum value for your money.

Does It Cost Me?

One thing that many people think about is that custom homes are more expensive than pre-built houses. It may be true, but there is a proven way for you to skip the extra cost, and that is to hire a building broker.

Building brokers will not cost you anything. You get a free consultation and even view custom home designs without additional charges.

How Aspire Can Help a First Home Buyer Like You

Here at Aspire, we want you to have the perfect home that suits your lifestyle. We take the time to consult with you to know about your requirements and your family’s, as well. We only work with trusted custom design builders who will take charge of your home’s design and construction process. That means everything will be taken care of from the earliest planning stages until we get to the finishing touches of your home.

Of course, as the client, you can provide your input, suggestions, and feedback at whatever stage of the project. This ensures that your home is truly customised to your liking. The result is a custom home that you have always dreamt of!

On top of all that, Aspire will not charge you a single cent as we work with industry-leading partners and a diverse team of home designers. Let’s start the journey to making your dream home a stunning reality. Contact Aspire Building Brokers today!